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UK-based artist exploring cityscapes, urban landscape and still life in acrylics and mixed media.


Cities. The lights, architecture, crowds, the interaction.  The noise and bustle. The energy, the vitality. Bright lights, dark alleyways.  Reflections. The elements –  wind and rain, sunlight, night time. Modern buildings.  An old street – run down, covered in signs and posters. I love to find beauty in the mundane. 


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Paul Joseph-Crank

Paul Joseph-Crank | Artist

My Story

Based in Cambridgeshire, UK, Paul Joseph-Crank is a painter exploring urban landscape and figurative compositions in acrylic and mixed media.

Working mainly on landscape and urban landscape, Paul focuses on human activity in relation to architectural or natural environments, documenting the life of the city and countryside from his own personal perspective.



Studied Fine Art in Manchester

Mid 1980's -1990

Partner at Cambridge design and marketing company


Partner in Catalyst Design Partnership

1970's onwards

Regular exhibitor in art shows

"My paintings celebrate colour, form, and texture and meditate on the relationship between light, shadow, and atmosphere."