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Posters for the 2024 Peterborough Open Studios group show in Luddington, Nothants


Posters are going up and preparations are under way for the Gidding Group exhibition as part of the Peterborough Artist’s Open Studios exhibitions.

This year both myself and Krystyna are exhibiting alongside fellow Gidding artists Sue Jarvis and Geoff Goddard in the beautiful exhibition space at St Margaret’s Church in Luddington, Northants.


Artists work on show include Krystyna Wojcik (top left) , Gordon Monk (top middle), Sue Jarvis (top right), Carry Akroyd (bottom left) and Geoff Goddard (bottom right)



Luddington Church

St Margaret’s Church, Luddington



Prints and woodwork skills

Fellow artists Carry Akroyd and Gordon Monk will also be exciting close by in their studios at No. 4 Luddington-in-theBrook.



Craftsman Justin Capp will also be exhibiting some of his leatherwork.


Opening times

The Open Studios are open 29 – 30 June and 6 – 7 July 2024 from 11.00am – 4.00pm. Alongside the Open Studios Carry and Gordon will be serving teas and cakes in their beautiful garden in aid of local charities.

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